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The virtual work space provides the ability to conduct daily functions without the constrains of the physical work environment. It is known that, even if they are employed, disabled persons face much harder situations in the labour market than persons without disabilities. So, disabled people with mobility limitation are the most suitable part of the population which confirms to this new trend from the most aspects - to work from their home ("home based employment").

Knowing these circumstances, project e-Learning Virtual Center for People with Physical Disabilities - e-LIFE has been developed. The concrete aim of this project is "to e-train people with physical disabilities for home based employment by means of e-learning and introduce them to virtual working environment and let them actually work at their home". The philosophy of this project is to improve the skills and competencies of computer and technical oriented disabled people to train the individual to produce better and competitive outputs in project fields which covers almost 40% of technical based services.

We hope that as a result of the project a lot of Europeans with physical disabilities will be able to enter the virtual job markets from homes.

e-LIFE Project Team

The e-LIFE Portal is now online.

e-LIFE Project was approved to be funded by Romanian Leonardo da Vinci National Agency during Autumn 2011. After having signed the grant contract, project has been started in December 2011 by realization of the kick-off meeting in Bucharest, Romania.

In March 2012 took place the first workshop of the project in Athens, Greece.

At the end of May 2012 the second transnational meeting was in Ankara, Turkey.

In November, between 15-19, will be the third transnational meeting of the project in Cordoba, Spain.

In April 2013, between 4th-7th, will be the fourth transnational meeting of the project in Athens, Greece.

On 24th-25th June 2013, will be held in Bucharest, Romania a Seminar and a workshop.

Between 25th-27th July 2013, the consortium have a workshop in Cordoba, Spain.

The final transnational meeting will be held in Mojmirovce, Slovakia, between 10th-13th November 2013.

Both visitors and project partners will enjoy the features of this sophisticated portal, which is the core tool also in dissemination of our project content, ideas and outcomes.






Dear Potential Virtual Assistants,

Welcome to e-LIFE Project Website e-Training Program,

The information and communications technologies have profoundly impacted on the work processes and the global work environment are changing radically in today's world. The new ways of working have been increasing in the virtual workplaces. At this stage virtual assistance is one of the growing businesses in today‘s computer-driven world and a ideal solution particularly who need work at home jobs due to a disability. VA allows you to career, good paying options, and build new skills as a business owner.


It is well known that employment has always been a problem for disabled people. There are many challenges that people with disabilities face when they are seeking employment opportunities. Attitudinal barriers and unusual obstacles are the main reasons that people with disabilities are underrepresented in workforce. Under these conditions it is important that to provide disabled people with the same level individual choices opportunities and control in their daily lives as non-disabled people for contemporary societies.


In Brief:

This project aims to develop/enhance a training program for computer oriented disabled people on CADD, Graphics, Web design, MS Office, other Office utilities and establish an e-platform which will serve those people to work as a freelance, self-employed or entrepreneur from their home based offices (“virtual assistants”).



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This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This Web site reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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